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We have put together the best systems to provide owners and investors a stable income stream while increasing the value of the asset.  This is done through communication and strong relationships with owners, tenants and maintenance teams.  Technology is also key in keeping our prices down and your cash flow up.  CLICK HERE to discover several of the services we provide to give an exceptional experience.  We look forward to assisting you in building your real estate portfolio.

Maintenance is one of the biggest obstacles in owning investment real estate.  We understand!  You will be notified of all maintenance and capital improvement issues.  We take before and after photos of each project.  Our team as worked hard to find reliable and cost effective contactors in each industry.  Also, through our partnership with Jacan Property Services, LLC, we offer the lowest priced handyman services to take care of minor issues, cleaning and mowing.

We have structured our pricing so that everyone can win.  Owners have lower, predictable management fees.  Our rent protection package ensures rent is received each month the same day of the month.  Tenants can choose to purchase a benefit package which includes us switching utilities in their name and we can obtain renters insurance for them.  They can also choose to do it themselves.  Evanir lets you choose the services and costs you prefer.


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